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District and Campus Reports

Early Childhood Literacy & Math and CCMR Board Five Year Goals (Public Hearing to be held at regularly scheduled board meeting in July of each year)

EC Literacy-Math-CCMR Board Outcome Goal


Campus & District Improvement Plans

District 2021-2022


TAPR Reports

District 2020-2021

Campus Reports 2020-2021


TAPR 2019-2020


District 2018-19

Campus Reports 2018-19


District 2017-18

Campus Reports 2017-18


State Report Cards

District Report Card 2018-19

EL School Report Card 2018-19

JH School Report Card 2018-19

HS School Report Card 2018-19


EL School Report Card 2017-18

JH School Report Card 2017-18

HS School Report Card 2017-18


**If you would like a copy of one of these reports, please contact the campus principal.**

**Federal law (No Child Left Behind) requires all school districts to make their 2005-2006 Highly Qualified Teachers Compliance Report available to the public. Roosevelt ISD had 100% of teachers Highly Qualified in all core subjects they teach.