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School Safety & Security Committee


August 15th at 10 am


2022-2023 Committee Members

Kim Clemmons, JH Counselor

Tim Crane, HS Principal

Michael Daniel, Parent / LSO SWAT

Darryl Driver, Transportation

Stacy Franklin, JH Principal

Theresa Franklin, HS Counselor

Dallas Grimes, Superintendent

Wayne Groves, JH Assistant Principal

Danta Harbour, Food Service

Linda Hernandez, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

Theresa Hoffman, EL Assistant Principal

Jimmy Ledbetter, Deputy Superintendent

Qynn McCann, Chief of Police, EMC

Carla Patschke, Health Coordinator

Jamie Petmecky, Parent / HS Assistant Principal

Vance Schuette, ISS / Fire

Chris Shultz, Board Member

Clinton Thetford, Lubbock County EO

Brad Raven, Parent / Teacher

Matthew Rocha, Police on Campus

Roy Turner, Maintenance Director

Jim Warnock, Board President

Cassie Wenzel, IT / Social Media

Delynn Wheeler, EL Principal

Logan Wuthrich, Technology Director